TM 10-3930-660-34 3-13. FLYWHEEL HOUSING AND COVER - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 3. INSTALL NEW GASKET (6) AND REAR COVER (5). a. Install new gasket (6) and rear cover (5) onto cylinder block. b. Loosely install six capscrews (4). 4. ALIGN REAR COVER (5) TO CRANKSHAFT (B) USING SEAL KIT INSTALLATION AND ALIGNMENT TOOL. a. Place installation and alignment tool supplied with oil seal kit over the crankshaft (B) and into the rear cover (5). This aligns the cover to the crankshaft. b. Align rear cover (5) with both sides of the cylinder block oil pan rail until surfaces are flush.  Tighten six capscrews (4) to 7 lb.  ft. c. Remove installation and alignment tool and trim gasket even with oil pan mounting surface at points “A”. CAUTION The rear oil seal lip must be clean to help prevent seal leaks. CAUTION Always use the seal pilot to install rear seal.  Failure to do so could result In a damaged seal. 5. INSTALL NEW REAR OIL SEAL (8) USING SEAL PILOT SUPPLIED WITH OIL SEAL KIT. a. Wipe new oil seal lip clean with a clean lint-free rag. Install new oil seal (8) with seal pilot onto crankshaft (B). b. Push seal onto crank and remove seal pilot. 3-92