TM 10-3930-660-34 3-12.  FLWHEEL - REPLACE (Cont’d) CAUTION Do not use the timing pin to lock the engine. Use    a    barring    tool    to    hold    the    engine crankshaft during flywheel installation. Using   the   timing   pin   as   a   locking   device while tightening the flywheel mounting hardware could damage the pin. 1. INSTALL   FLYWHEEL   (11).      USE   BARRING TOOL   TO   KEEP   THE   CRANKSHAFT   FROM TURNING.    USE  NEW  CAPSCREWS  (9)  AND WASHERS (10). a. Attach   a   suitable   lifting   device   and   hoist, with  a  capacity  of  at  least  200  pounds,  to the flywheel. CAUTION Install  new  capscrews  each  time  flywheel  is removed   to   help   prevent   possible   engine failure. b. Lift  flywheel  (11)  against  end  of  crankshaft and   install   eight   new   capscrews   (9)   and washers   (10).      Remove   hoist   and   lifting device. c. Install barring tool between long capscrews in vibration damper. d. Firmly   hold   barring   tool   to   keep   flywheel from  turning,  and  tighten  capscrews  (9),  in the sequence shown, to 101 lb.  ft. torque. e. Remove barring tool. 3-88