TM 10-3930-660-34 3-12.  FLYWHEEL - REPLACE (Cont’d) WARNING Take necessary precautions to insure adequate personal safety while removing the flywheel.  The flywheel weighs more than 50 pounds.      To   avoid   personal   injury,   use   a suitable  lifting  device  and   hoist   to   remove the flywheel. CAUTION Do  not  use  timing  pin  to  lock  the  engine. Using  timing  pin  as  a  locking  device  while loosening flywheel mounting hardware could damage the pin. 2. REMOVE FLYWHEEL (11) WHILE KEEPING THE CRANKSHAFT FROM TURNING. a. Install    two    long    capscrews    in    vibration damper.      Use   a   bar   between   the   long capscrews to hold crankshaft. b. Attach   a   suitable   lifting   device   and   hoist, with  a  capacity  of  at  least  200  pounds,  to the flywheel. c. Firmly   hold   barring   tool   to   keep   flywheel from turning.  Loosen eight capscrews (9). d. Remove     barring     tool.          Remove     eight capscrews  (9),  washers  (10),  and  flywheel (11).    Discard  capscrews  (9)  and  washers (10). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para.  2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions, para.  2-11. 3-86