TM 10-3930-660-34 3-11.  FLYWHEEL - REPLACE This task covers: a.Removal of Flywheel b.Cleaning c. Inspection d.Installation of Flywheel Initial Setup Tools Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanics Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance, Common $2 Less Power Tool, Engine Barring Lifting Device (Capacity 200-Lb.) Equipment Condition Engine removed, para.  3-3. Starting motor removed, TM 10-3930-660-20. Materials/Parts Capscrews (9) Lockwashers (2, 6) Loctite 242 (App.  B, Item 41) Tags (app.  B, Item 52) Washers (10) REMOVAL OF FLYWHEEL 1. REMOVE FLYWHEEL HOUSING COVER (4) AND COUPLING (7). a. Identify    and    tag    ether    start    thermostat ground wire (3). b. Remove six capscrews (1) and lockwashers    (2),    ground    wire    (3),    and flywheel housing cover (4). Discard lockwashers (2). c. Use   a   thin   wall   socket   to   remove   eight capscrews   (5),   lockwashers   (6),   and   10 inch coupling (7).  Discard lockwashers (6). NOTE If   necessary,   install   two   capscrews   (5)   in tapped holes of coupling (7) to push coupling from flywheel. 3-85