TM 10-3930-660-34 3-10.2  CRANKSHAFT REAR SEAL - REPLACE (Cont’d) INSTALLATION CAUTION The seal lip and sealing surface on crankshaft must be clean to help prevent an oil leak around the seal. 1. CLEAN   SEAL   LIP   AND   SEALING   SURFACE ON     CRANKSHAFT     WITH     CLEAN     WIPING RAGS. 2. INSTALL   SEAL   PILOT   (2)   SUPPLIED   WITH SEAL KIT ONTO CRANKSHAFT. CAUTION Always use the seal pilot (2) to install rear oil seal  (1).    Failure  to  do  so  could  result  in  a damaged oil seal (1). 3. INSTALL  OIL  SEAL  (1)  OVER  SEAL  PILOT  (2) AND ONTO CRANKSHAFT. 4. REMOVE     SEAL     PILOT     (2)     FROM     CRANK- SHAFT. CAUTION Tap alignment/installation tool at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions only. Striking the tool at   other   locations   could   damage   the   seal carrier. 5. USE ALIGNMENT/INSTALLATION TOOL SUPPLIED WITH SEAL KIT TO MOVE OIL SEAL (1) TO CORRECT DEPTH IN THE HOUSING. a. Place    alignment/installation    tool    supplied with    rear    seal    kit    onto    crankshaft    and against  seal  carrier  with  the  flange  of  the tool away from the seal. b. Use a hammer to tap seal into seal retainer until flange of tool is against seal retainer. 6. INSTALL FLYWHEEL, PARA.  3-12. 3-83