TM 10-3930-660-34 3-10.1  CRANKSHAFT FRONT SEAL - REPLACE This task covers: a.Removal b.Installation Initial Setup Tools Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanics Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance and Repair; Field Maintenance, Basic, Less Power Shop Equipment, Machine Shop: Field Maintenance Basic, Less Power Slide Hammer Dent Puller Equipment Condition Crankshaft vibration damper removed, para.  3-11. Materials/Parts Front Oil Seal (1) Lint-Free Rags (App.  B, Item 38) Loctite 1227 (App.  B, Item 44) 110 Sheet Metal Screw REMOVAL 1. DRILL  TWO  1/8  INCH  HOLES  180  DEGREES APART IN SEAL CARRIER. 2. REMOVE FRONT SEAL WITH SLIDE HAMMER DENT PULLER. a. Insert  a  110  sheet  metal  screw  into  end  of slide hammer dent puller. b. Alternately   put   slide   hammer   dent   puller into  the  two  1/8  inch  drilled  holes  and  pull until oil seal (1) is removed. c. Discard front oil seal (1). 3-80