TM 10-3930-660-34 3-9.  CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) o. Tighten capscrews (1) evenly in the sequence shown to 129 lb.  ft. final torque. 4. REMOVE  MAIN  BEARINGS  (3  AND  4)  FROM MAIN BEARING LOCATIONS 1 AND 7. a. If main bearing position number on bearing cap  is  missing  or   hard   to   read,   etch   the correct number on the bearing cap so that it is facing the oil cooler side of the engine. b. Remove   two   capscrews   (1)   and   bearing cap    (2)    from    number    1    main    bearing. Remove lower bearing half (4) from bearing cap (2). CAUTION Be very careful not to scratch the crankshaft or  the  bearing  bore  during  the  removal  of the  upper  bearing  halves.    A  scratched  or damaged crankshaft, or bearing bore, could result in premature engine failure. c. Use a flat blade  screwdriver  to  remove  the upper    half    of    main    bearing    number    1 because  the  crankshaft  journal  for  number 1 main bearing does not have an oil hole. Gently push end of upper bearing half (3) to loosen it from the cylinder block. d. Press    finger    against    bearing    and    turn crankshaft  to  roll  the  bearing  (3)  from  the cylinder block. 3-75