TM 10-3930-660-34 3-9.  CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) NOTE When bearings are reused, each bearing set must    be    installed    in    its    original    location because  the  bearing  surfaces  have  worn  to the crankshaft journals. g. Repeat  STEPS  a  through  f  for  remaining main    bearings    2    through    5    and    thrust bearing at main bearing position 6. 3. INSTALL  MAIN  BEARINGS  2  THROUGH  6  (3 AND 4). a. Be    sure    bearing    bore    surfaces    in    the cylinder block are clean and dry. b. Check that the backsides of main bearings are clean and dry. c. Check that inside surfaces of bearing caps are clean and dry. d. Apply Lubriplate 105 to the inside surface of upper  bearing  half  (3).    Do  not  lubricate the   side   that   is   against   the   cylinder block bearing bore. e. Install  one  bearing  set  at  a  time.     Install upper    main    bearing    half    (3)    over    the crankshaft journal such that the bearing tab will  fit  into  the  notch  in  cylinder  block.    If used main bearing is being installed, install main  bearing  half  in  the  same  position  it was   removed   from.      If   a   new   bearing   is being installed, use the correct size bearing as determined in STEP 2 above. f. Insert bearing removal/installation tool (App.    C,  Fig.    C-7)  into  bearing  journal  oil hole  so  that  it  will  push  against  tab  end  of bearing. 3-73