TM 10-3930-660-34 3-9.  CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) NOTE After each upper bearing half (4) is installed, install  the  respective  lower  bearing  half  (4) and   bearing   cap   (2)   as   described   in   the following steps. h. Install  a  dry  lower  main  bearing  half  (4)  in bearing cap (2).  Tab on bearing must be in the   notch   in   bearing   cap.      If   used   main bearing  is  being  installed,  install  bearing  in the same bearing cap it was removed from. NOTE Do  not  turn  crankshaft  after  plastigage  is  in position.  Plastigage will be distorted. i. Place   plastigage   on   the   surface   of   lower main bearing half (4). j. Apply    a    light    coat    of    lubricating    oil    on threads  of  capscrews  (1).    Install  bearing (4), bearing cap (2), and two capscrews (1). The  bearing  cap  must  be  installed  in  the same   position   it   was   removed   from   with number  on  bearing  cap  facing  towards  the oil cooler side of engine. k. After    each    bearing    and    bearing    cap    is installed, tighten capscrews (1) to 37 lb.  ft. Do   not   tighten   capscrews   to   final   torque value at this time. l. Repeat   STEPS   a   through   j   for   the   other main    bearings    2    through    5    and    thrust bearing at position number 6. m. Tighten capscrews (1) evenly, in the sequence shown, to 44 lb.  ft. n.    Tighten  capscrews  (1)  evenly  again  in  the sequence shown to 88 lb.  ft. 3-71