TM 10-3930-660-34 3-9.  CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) b. Clean main bearing surfaces in the cylinder block     and     bearing     caps     with     cleaning solvent  P-D-680.    Dry  surfaces  thoroughly with  low  pressure  compressed  air  (15  psig max.). NOTE Install  bearing  halves  dry  for   the   following clearance checks. c. Refer  to  end  play  data  measured  earlier  in REMOVAL, STEP 1.  If crankshaft end play is  not  within  0.005  to  0.010  inch,  install  a new,   appropriate   oversize   thrust   bearing (5). d. Install   a   dry   upper   main   bearing   half   (3) over   the   crankshaft   journal   such   that   the bearing tab will fit  into  the  notch  in  cylinder block.        If    used    main    bearing    is    being installed,   install   upper   bearing   half   in   the same position it was removed from. e. Insert bearing removal/installation tool, (App.    C,  Fig.    C-7)  into  bearing  journal  oil hole  so  that  it  will  push  against  tab  end  of bearing. CAUTION If   the   crankshaft   is   turned   in   the   wrong direction,   the   bearing   tab   will   be   pushed between  the  crankshaft  and  bearing  area  in the block.   This  could  cause  damage  to  the block and the crankshaft. f. Slowly turn crankshaft in the correct direction  until  upper  bearing  tab  is  in  the cylinder block notch. g. Remove    bearing    removal/installation    tool from crankshaft oil hole. 3-70