TM 10-3930-660-34 3-9.  CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) a. If main bearing position number on bearing cap   is   missing   or   hard   to   read,   etch   the correct number on the bearing cap so that it is facing the oil cooler side of the engine. b. Remove  one  main  bearing  set  at  a  time. Remove two capscrews (1) and bearing cap (2) from main bearings 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 only. DO  NOT  remove  bearing  caps  from  main bearings 1 and 7 at this time. CAUTION If crankshaft is turned in the wrong direction, the   tab   on   the   upper   bearing   half   will   be pushed   between   the   crankshaft   and   main bearing bore in the block.  This could cause damage to the block and the crankshaft. c. Install bearing removal/installation tool (App.  C, Fig. C-7) into oil hole in crankshaft journal for main bearing being removed. d. Slowly     turn     crankshaft     so     the     bearing removal/installation  tool  pushes  against  the end  of  the  bearing  opposite  the   tab,   and upper bearing half (3)  is  out  of  the  cylinder block. e. Remove    bearing    removal/installation    tool from crankshaft oil hole. f. Remove lower bearing half (4) from bearing cap  (2).    Keep  main  bearings  and  bearing caps together as a set. NOTE When   bearings   are   reused,   each   bearing must    be    installed    in    its    original    location because  the  bearing  surfaces  have  a  wear pattern matched to the crankshaft journals. 3-68