TM 10-3930-660-34 3-8. CRANKSHAFT - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) f. The  connecting  rod  capscrews  (8)  must  be tightened  evenly  in  a  series  of  three  steps. The  torque  value  for  each  step  is  shown  in the following chart. Step                                          Torque Value 1   26 lb.  ft. 2   50 lb.  ft. 3   73 lb.  ft. g. Repeat STEPS  a  through  g  for  the  other  five connecting rods. 7.   MEASURE CONNECTING ROD SIDE PLAY AT EACH CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLY. a. Measure connecting rod side play. b. Wear tolerance is 0.012 inch maximum. c. If side play exceeds wear  tolerance   stated   in step b, replace connecting rod and connecting rod cap. 8.   INSTALL OIL SUCTION TUBE AND GASKET. a. Install gasket (6) on cylinder block. b. Position  oil  suction  tube  (5)  over  gasket  (6) and install capscrews (3 and 4). c. Tighten capscrews (3 and 4) to 18 lb.  ft. 9.   INSTALL OIL PAN, PARA.  3-20. 10.INSTALL FRONT HOUSING COVER, PARA.  3-19. 11.INSTALL FLYWHEEL HOUSING AND COVER, PARA. 3-13. 12.INSTALL ENGINE, PARA.  3-3. 3-66