TM 10-3930-660-34 3-8. CRANKSHAFT - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) i. Apply clean lubricating oil to threads of capscrews (12), then install seven bearing caps (13) and 14 capscrews (12). NOTE The number on the bearing cap must correspond to the number in the cylinder block and it must be facing towards the oil cooler side of the engine. j. The main bearing capscrews (12) must be tightened evenly in a series of three steps, and in the sequence shown in this illustration. The torque values for each step are shown in this chart. Step                                             Torque Value 1   44 lb.  ft. 2   88 lb.  ft. 3  129 lb.  ft. k. Remove all capscrews (12) and bearing caps (13). l. Remove and measure plastigage.  Main bearing clearance must not exceed 0.00474 inch.  If bearing clearance exceeds clearance measurement, use appropriate oversize bearings. m. Remove lower bearing halves (15) from bearing caps (13). 3-60