TM 10-3930-660-34 3-7. CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) INSTALLATION CAUTION The bottom surface of the cylinder head and top of cylinder block must be clean of all residue and dry.  Dirty surfaces could cause leaks or incorrect seat between the cylinder head and block. 1.   INSTALL NEW CYLINDER HEAD GASKET (7). Install new cylinder head gasket (7) over the correc 2.   PLACE CYLINDER HEAD (6) ON BLOCK (17). a. Attach lifting chains and hoist (or other suitable lifting device) to engine lifting brackets.  The cylinder head weighs approximately 114 pounds. b. Carefully place cylinder head (6) over the block dowels (16) and onto block (17). c. Remove lifting chains and hoist. 3.   INSTALL ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLY, PARA. 3-16. DO NOT TIGHTEN MOUNTING CAPSCREWS AT THIS TIME. 4.   INSTALL CYLINDER HEAD MOUNTING CAPSCREWS (4 AND 5).  TIGHTEN TO FINAL TORQUE IN THE SEQUENCE SHOWN, IN THREE STEPS. a. Put engine lubricating oil under the heads and on the threads of the cylinder head mounting capscrews (4 and 5). b. Install capscrews (4 and 5) finger tight. 3-49