TM 10-3930-660-34 3-7. CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) ASSEMBLY WARNING If the collet (11) is not correctly installed on the valve stem, it will unseat and be thrown with force when the spring compressor is released.  The thrown collet could cause serious personal injury. NOTE The intake and exhaust valve stem seals (13) are the same. 1.   INSTALL VALVES. a. Install new valve stem seals (13). b. Put clean gear lubricating oil GO 80/90 on the valve stems and install intake valve (8) and exhaust valve (9) in their designated locations. c. Install springs (10) and spring retainers (12) over valve stems (8 and 9). d. Compress valve springs (10) using a valve spring compressor and install new collets (11). e. Slowly release valve spring compressor and remove it from the valve. f. Tap valve stems lightly to seat collets (11). g. Repeat STEPS a through e for the remainder of the valves. 2.   INSTALL ENGINE LIFTING BRACKETS, PARA.  3-5. 3-48