Quantcast AIR  CLEANER  -  SERVICE  (Cont.)
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TM10-3930-660-10 3-8. AIR  CLEANER  -  SERVICE  (Cont.) 2.   INSPECT   SECONDARY   AIR FILTER   ELEMENT. The   secondary   element   is   not   intended to   be   cleaned.   For   the   maximum   engine protection   and   air   cleaner   service   life, replace   the   secondary   element   with   a new  one  every  third  primary  element change   or   cleaning. a.  Check  secondary  element  for  damage. Replace  element  if  it  has  the  slightest damage   to   gasket   or   pleated   element. b. c. Replace   secondary   element   if   element   is visibly    dirty. If  secondary  element  is  to  be  replaced, remove  wing  nut  to  remove  element. Air   restriction   indicator   will   not   function properly  if  an  element  has  a  break  in  the filtering  paper  or  if  the  element  is  not properly   seated   in   the   canister. d. Install   new   secondary   element   with gasket   end   into   canister   first.   Be   sure the  element  is  centered  in  canister  before tightening   wing   nut. 3.   CLEAN   PRIMARY   AIR   FILTER   ELEMENT. Do  not  tap  the  element  against  a  hard surface   as   this   damages   the   element. a.   Remove   loose   dust   by   tapping element  with  palm  of  your  hand. DO  NOT  use  a  hard  surface. 3-10

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