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TM10-3930-660-10 MALFUNCTION TEST   OR   INSPECTION CORRECTIVE   ACTION Step   1.   Check   for   low   coolant   level. Add   appropriate   amount   of   coolant   to   overflow   bottle.   (Refer   to   para.3-9.) Step   2.   Check   for   leaks   and/or   worn   hoses. Notify   Unit   Maintenance. The   engine   and   radiator   can   be   extremely   hot.   Contacting   exposed   skin to  these  areas  could  result  in  severe  burns. Step  3. Step  4. Check  for  obstructions  and  trash  build-up  on  the  radiator  fins. Clean   the   radiator   surface. Check  for  high  engine  oil  level. Notify   Unit   Maintenance. 6. LOW   ENGINE   OIL   PRESSURE Step  1.  Check  to  see  if  the  engine  oil  level  is  low. Add  oil  as  necessary.  Refer  to  LO1  0-3930-660-12. Step   2.   Check   for   external   oil   leaks. Notify   Unit   Maintenance. 7. THE   VEHICLE   STARTS   BUT   WILL   NOT   MOVE Step  1. Step  2. Step  3. Step  4. Check  to  be  sure  parking  brake  lever  is  released. Move  parking  brake  lever  down. Check   parking   brake   lever   adjustment. Make  sure  parking  brake  lever  adjustment  is  not  too  tight  causing  the  parking  brake  to drag.   (Refer   to   para.   3-11.) Check   transmission   oil   level. Add  oil  as  necessary.  Refer  to  LO10-3930-660-1  2. Check  if  parking  brake  is  dragging. Notify   Unit   Maintenance. 3-3

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