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TM10-3930-660-10 CHAPTER   3 OPERATOR   MAINTENANCE   INSTRUCTIONS Section  l.    Lubrication  instructions 3-1. LUBRICATION. Perform   all   lubrication   in   accordance   with   LO1   0-3930-660-12. 3-2. a. b. 3-3. Section   Il.   Troubleshooting   Procedures GENERAL. The  table  lists  the  common  malfunctions  which  you  may  find  during  the  operation  or maintenance   of   the   6KVRRTFL   or   its   components.   You   should   perform   the   tests/inspections   and corrective  actions  in  the  order  listed. This  manual  cannot  list  all  malfunctions  that  may  occur,  nor  all  tests  or  inspections  and corrective  actions.  If  a  malfunction  is  not  listed  or  is  not  corrected  by  listed  corrective  actions, notify   your   supervisor. TROUBLESHOOTING. Refer  to  Table  3-1  for  troubleshooting  procedures. Table    3-1.    Troubleshooting MALFUNCTION TEST   OR   INSPECTION CORRECTIVE   ACTION 1. ENGINE   WILL   NOT   CRANK Check   for   loose   or   disconnected   battery   cables. Notify   Unit   Maintenance. 2. ENGINE   CRANKS   BUT   WILL   NOT   START Step  1. Step  2. Step  3. Check  to  see  if  the  auxiliary  fuel  shut-off  switch  is  in  the  Off  position. Move  the  auxiliary  fuel  shut-off  switch  to  the  On  position. Check  to  see  if  fuel  tank  is  empty. Fill  fuel  tank. Check   the   ambient   temperature. Use  the  engine  primer  button  in  extreme  cold  temperature  to  start  the  engine, paragraph  2-21. 3-1

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