Quantcast Emergency  Boom  Raise.
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TM1  0-3930-660-10 c.  Emergency  Boom  Raise.  Whenever  an  emergency  situation  prevents  the  use  of  engine  power for raising the boom, proceed with the following: (1)  Remove  the  transmission  cover. (2) Remove the steer cylinder crossover tow hose from the dummy tee fitting, located on the main frame crossbar at the rear of the transmission. Install caps on the dummy tee (two small caps are located in the tool box as part of the emergency lift/retract kit). (3) Assemble the #8 nut and the #8-6 reducer to the union (parts are from the emergency lift/retract kit) and install the assembly on one end of the tow hose. (4) Assemble the #12 nut and the #12-6 reducer to one end of the #12 tee fitting (parts from the emergency Iift/retract kit) and install on the other end of the tow hose. 2-58

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