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TM1   0-3930-660-10 APPENDIX   D EXPENDABLE/DURABLE   SUPPLIES   AND   MATERIALS   LIST Sectlon   I.   Introduction This   appendix   lists   the   expendable   consumable   maintenance   supplies   you   will   need   to operate   and   maintain   the   6KVRRTFL.   This   listing   is   for   informational   purposes   only and   is   not   authority   to   requisition   the   listed   items.   These   items   are   authorized   to you   by   CTA   50-970,   Expendable/Durable   Items. Section   Il.   Expendable/Durable   Supplies   and   Materials   List ITEM NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NATIONAL STOCK   NUMBER 9140-00-286-5294 9140-00-286-5286 9150-01-152-4119 9150-00-402-4478 9150-00-189-6727 6850-00-181-7929 6850-00-174-1806 6850-00-281-3061 7920-00-205-3570 DESCRIPTION/SPECIFICATION Oil,   Fuel,   Diesel,   DF-2,   Regular, VVF-800  (81  348) Oil,   Fuel,   Diesel,   DF-1,   Winter, VVF-800  (81  348) Lubricating   Oil,   Engine, OE/HDO-l   5/40,   MIL-L-4104D   (81   349) Lubricating   Oil,   Engine,   Arctic, OE/A-OW/20,  MI  L-L-461  67,  (81  349) Lubricating  Oil,  Transmission/ Hydraulic,    OE/HDO-lO    MIL-L-2104D (81349) Anti  Freeze,  Permanent,  Ethylene Glycol,   Grade   NR,   MIL-A-46153B (81349) Anti  Freeze,  Permanent,  Arctic Grade  NA,  Ml  L-A-l  1755  (81349) Dry   Cleaning   Solvent,   PD-680, 402 (81 349) Rags,   Wiping,   A-A-531,   50   lb (58536) U/M Bulk Bulk Qt Qt Qt GI GI CN BE D-1/(D-2blank)

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