Quantcast CHAPTER 3 MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS - TM-10-3930-659-10_98
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TM 10-3930-659-10 CHAPTER 3 MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Section I.  LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS 3-1.  GENERAL. NOTE Lubrication  procedures  are  performed  at  Unit  Maintenance.    You may be required to assist the mechanic. Periodic servicing ensures that the forklift truck will operate at peak performance. Tile Lubrication Order, LO 10-3930- 659-12,  gives  complete  cleaning  and  lubricating  instructions.    Refer  to  NOTES  for  specific  instructions  on  lubrication. Service intervals are based upon normal operation under normal conditions. 3-2.  LUBRICATION ORDER, LO 10-3930-659-12. A  copy  of  the  Lubrication  Order  (LO)  is  Issued  with  each  forklift  truck  and  must  remain  with  it  at  all  times.    If  you receive the forklift truck without a copy, immediately notify your supervisor. REMEMBER:  The time to change oil is when starting or other operations become sluggish, or when outside temperatures move out  of  the  appropriate  range  for  the  type  of  oil  currently  in  the  forklift  truck.    Do  not  wait  for  the  next  normally scheduled oil change.  When you are operating under extreme conditions, lubricants should always be changed more frequently than the normal  intervals  specified  by  the  LO.  Lubricants  break  down  or  become  contaminated  more  frequently  under extreme conditions. 3-1

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