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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-33.  OPERATE IN DUSTY OR SANDY AREAS (Con’t). (7)  Electrostatic  discharge  Is  prevalent  in  a  dry  sandy  environment  and  sand  Is  a  difficult  surface  on  which  to ground.    When  refueling  your  forklift  truck  from  another  vehicle,  ensure  that  a  metal  circuit  is  maintained between fuel tanker and forklift, and that both vehicles are grounded.  Ensure that battery disconnect switch is set to OFF position. (8) When performing maintenance, cover area being worked to prevent contamination by dirt or dust. (9) Park vehicle facing away from wind.  Cover as much as possible.  Cover windows to prevent abrasion. b.  Driving Tips. (1) Check engine air filter restriction indicator on instrument panel often to ensure that air flow Is not restricted. (2) Traveling over rocky desert terrain can quickly damage tires.  Check condition of tires frequently. (3) Travel over rocky desert terrain can damage frame, sheer rivets, or loosen nuts and bolts.  Check mounting bolts  and  nuts  on  wheels,  skid  plates,  engine,  transmission,  and  differentials  after  operation.    Notify  Unit Maintenance of loose mounting hardware. (4) After operations are completed, on a daily basis remove built-up sand from engine compartment and around drive shafts, wheels, and pivot points. 2-74

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