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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-31.  OPERATE IN MUD OR SNOW. a.  When operating forklift truck in mud, sand, or snow, extra care must be taken to prevent overheating of engine and transmission due to greater resistance of ground surface.  Use lowest range possible and closely monitor indicator lights. b.  If wheels start to spin, ease off accelerator pedal and attempt to regain traction. 2-32.  FORDING. a.  Water obstacles can be forded to a depth of 15 in.  (38.1 cm). b.  After fording, check all fluids for signs of contamination and for proper levels (see LO 10-3930-659-12). 2-33.  OPERATE IN DUSTY OR SANDY AREAS. NOTE Wen operating under desert conditions, also refer to paragraph 2-30. a.  General Guidelines. (1) Dust and sand act as contaminants and abrasives which increase wear and damage. (2)   Keep   equipment   lubricants   clean.      Lubricate   enclosed   seals   through   grease   fittings   more   often,   adding lubricant   until   clean   lubricant   comes   out.      Wipe   clean   all   lubricating   tools   and   lubrication   points   before lubricating.  Wipe clean outside of seals and grease fittings after lubrication.  Check that seals and fittings are not damaged. (3) Oils and grease act as a magnet for dust or sand and create sludge that clogs, damages, and increases wear on  parts.    Keep  lubrication  of  exposed  bearing  surfaces  to  a  minimum  and  use  only  what  is  absolutely necessary to reduce friction. (4)  Check  filters  daily  and  keep  filters  clean.    Clean  air  filters  once  daily.  Check  air  system  components  for damage frequently so that engine will not be contaminated by dust or sand. (5) Do not let sand build up in skid plates.  When combined with condensation or oil, sand can cause jamming of control linkages. (6) Keep fuel clean.  When refueling, use a filter.  Wipe around fill cap before removing, wipe nozzle clean before inserting, and cover exposed area during filling. 2-73

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