Quantcast Operate Winterization Package.
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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-29.  OPERATE IN EXTREME COLD (Con’t). (4) Turn steering wheel in other direction until steer limit is met.  Hold for short time. (5) Repeat this procedure a number of times to warm hydraulic oil. (6) When moving forklift truck, select low range until transmission is brought up to operating temperature. d.  Operate Winterization Package. NOTE Winterization   package   should   be   connected   to   a   110-volt   power source overnight or ten hours prior to forklift truck operation. (1) Ensure that ignition switch (1) and battery disconnect switch (3) are In OFF positions. (2) Remove 11 0-volt extension cord from compartment under driver’s seat. (3) Connect 1 10-volt extension cord to 1 10-volt outlet (4) on side of forklift truck. (4) Connect other end of 110-volt extension cord to 1110-volt power source. (5) When no longer required, disconnect 110-volt extension cord from 110-volt power source. (6) Disconnect 110-volt extension cord from side of forklift truck. TA704521 2-70

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