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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-29.  OPERATE IN EXTREME COLD (Con’t). (3)   Move ignition switch (1) to START position. CAUTION DO  NOT  apply  more  than  three  starting  fluid  applications  per  20 second   start   attempt.      If   forklift   truck   does   not   start,   wait   two minutes  before  trying  again.    If  forklift  truck  does  not  start  after three tries, notify Unit Maintenance. (4)  Depress  starting  aid  switch  (2)  three  seconds  to  fill  starting  fluid  valve.  Release  switch  to  discharge  starting fluid. (5) Release ignition switch (1). (6) When engine starts, run at half speed for approximately five minutes before operating any hydraulic functions or attempting to move forklift truck. c.  Warm Up Hydraulic Oil. CAUTION DO  NOT  actuate  attachment  control  lever  or  turn  steering  wheel until engine has been run at half speed for five minutes.  Failure to follow this caution may result in damage to equipment. (1) Slowly cycle lift, tilt, and spacing functions of forklift truck a number of times until actuating speeds appear to be normal. (2) Slowly turn steering wheel in either direction until steer limit Is reached. (3) Hold steering wheel in position for a short time. TA704520 2-69

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