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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-29.  OPERATE IN EXTREME COLD. a.  General Guidelines. WARNING DO NOT touch extremely cold metal, below -25°F (-320C).  Bare skin can freeze to cold metal. (1) Special procedures must be used to operate the forklift truck during extreme cold temperatures. (2) Watch  indicators  closely  for  unusual  readings.    Notify  Unit  Maintenance  Immediately  if  unusual  readings occur. (3) Keep fuel tanks as full as possible during cold weather to prevent build up of water from condensation.  If water enters fuel system, water could freeze and block fuel flow. (4) Do not attempt to operate equipment until defroster completely clears all windows.  Do not attempt to use window wipers or washers until defrosters are operating at desired temperature. b.  Engine Starting. CAUTION Keep  starting  fluid  can  In  place  at  all  times  to  protect  starting  aid components. NOTE Starting aid is for use when outside temperature Is at or below 30 °F (- 1 °C). (1) Ensure that 110-volt extension cord is not connected to side of forklift truck.  If extension cord is connected, disconnect and stow (see subparagraph d). (2) Perform paragraph 2-11, steps a through h. 2-68

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