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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-28.  TOW FORKLIFT TRUCK. CAUTION  If  engine  Is  running  and  drive  shafts  are  connected,  forklift  truck can  be  towed  for  a  maximum  distance  of  6  ml  (10  km)  at  speeds not  to  exceed  6  mph  (10  kph).    Towing  greater  distances  or  at higher speeds can cause damage to power train components.  DO  NOT  attempt  to  start  disabled  forklift  truck  by  towing  It.    This will cause damage to transmission. NOTE  If possible, run engine while forklift truck Is being towed.  Running engine  will  supply  oil  to  service  brake  system  and  will  lubricate transmission.  If  forklift  truck  must  be  moved  more  than  6  ml  (10  km),  DO  NOT perform   this   task.      Load   forklift   truck   on   suitable   trailer   and transport it to appropriate maintenance facility. a.  If engine cannot be run, notify Unit Maintenance to remove front and rear drive shafts. CAUTION DO NOT attempt to tow forklift truck with any other means than large tow  bar.    Failure  to  follow  this  caution   may   result   in   damage   to forklift truck. b.  Connect legs of tow bar to two towing lugs on bottom edge of rear of forklift truck. c.  Connect other end of tow bar to tow pintle of towing vehicle. d.  Move direction selector lever to N (Neutral) and push in neutral lock button. e.    Turn  on  emergency  flashers  on  towing  vehicle  and  also  on  towed  forklift  truck  if  power  remains  in  batteries  or engine is running. f.  Release parking brake. g.  If engine is running, operator should be in cab to operate forklift truck brakes and monitor indicators.  If engine Is not running, cab should be empty. h.  If power is available, raise forks high enough to raise boom stop.  Lower forks until boom rests on stops. 2-67

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