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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-27.  SLAVE START FORKLIFTTRUCK (Con’t). NOTE ∑  Before   slave   starting,   ensure   that   checks   have   been   made   to determine whether problem Is low or dead batteries.  If one battery is missing, DO NOT attempt to slave start. ∑  If a vehicle other than another M544E forklift truck Is used to slave start  this  forklift  truck,  refer  to  Operator’s  Manual  for  that  vehicle for any special slave starting procedures. ∑  Notify  Unit  Maintenance  for  use  of  NATO  slave  cables,  which  are not stored on forklift truck. a.        Turn    battery    disconnect    switch    (2)    to    OFF position. b.    Connect  NATO  slave  cable  to  slave  receptacle (1) of "dead" forklift truck (3). c.  Connect other end of NATO slave cable to slave receptacle on "live" vehicle. d.  Start engine of "live" vehicle. e.      Start   engine   of   "dead"   forklift   truck   (3)   (see paragraph 2-11). f.  Turn battery disconnect switch (2) to ON position. g.  Remove slave cable from "live" vehicle. h.  Remove slave cable from "dead" forklift truck (3). 2-66

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