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TM 10-3930-659-10 Section IV.  OPERATION UNDER UNUSUAL CONDITIONS 2-26.  NEW OR REBUILT ENGINE BREAK IN. NOTE  Perform  this  task  only  when  your  forklift  truck  has  had  a  new  or rebuilt engine Installed.  Task  should  be  performed  during  first  50  operating  hours  of  new or rebuilt engine.  DO NOT overload engine for first 50 operating hours.  DO NOT run engine at Idle speed more than absolutely necessary for first 50 operating hours. a.      Frequently   check   gages   and   indicators   for   signs   of   problems.      If   gages   or   indicators   indicate   a   problem, immediately shut down engine and notify Unit Maintenance. b.  Initially, engine is filled with SAE 10-W-30 break-in oil.  At end of first 80- 100 hours, engine oil and engine oil filter must be changed. 2-27.  SLAVE START FORKLIFT TRUCK. WARNING  When slave starting forklift truck,  use  NATO  slave  cables  that  DO NOT have loose or missing Insulation.  DO NOT proceed If suitable cables are not available.  DO NOT use civilian-type Jumper cables. CAUTION  If  "dead"  forklift  truck’s  engine  does  not  start  within  20  seconds, release Ignition switch.  Wait three to five minutes before repeating procedure    to    prevent    overheating    the    starter    and    damaging batteries  of  "live"  vehicle.    If  engine  does  not  start  after  several attempts, Unit Maintenance must perform additional maintenance.  Any   vehicle   with   a   24-volt   system   Is   suitable   for   slave   cable starting.  DO NOT attempt to  start  this  forklift  truck  with  a  12-volt system vehicle.  Under no circumstances can this forklift truck be started by being towed or pushed.  Failure to follow this caution will cause damage to transmission.  DO        NOT        attempt    to    slave    start    forklift    truck    with    battery disconnect  switch  In  ON  position.    Failure  to  follow  this  caution may result in damage to vehicle electrical system. 2-65

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