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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-19.  OPERATE AIR COMPRESSOR. NOTE See Unit Maintenance for an air hose prior to using air compressor. a.  Start engine (see paragraph 2-11) and lower forks to ground. b.  Ensure that direction selector lever Is in N (Neutral) and that neutral lock button is pushed in. c.  Ensure that parking brake is set. d.  Leave engine running with qualified operator in cab. e.  Open access door on right side of forklift truck. f.  Connect air hose to air compressor outlet quick disconnect (1). g.  Move air compressor switch (2) to ON position. h.  When air compressor is no longer required, move air compressor switch (1) to OFF position. i.  Relieve pressure in air hose.  Remove air hose from air compressor outlet quick disconnect (1). j.  Close access door and continue with assigned mission. 2-55

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