Quantcast OPERATE ATTACHMENT FUNCTIONS (Conít). - TM-10-3930-659-10_75
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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-17.  OPERATE ATTACHMENT FUNCTIONS (Con’t). b.  To raise forks, pull back on fork control lever (3). Rate  of  speed  that  forks  raise  will  vary  with  speed  of engine and how far back fork control lever is pulled. c.  To lower forks, push forward on fork control lever (3). d.    To  tilt  forks  forward  and  down,  push  forward  on fork tilt control lever (4). e.  To tilt forks rearward and up, pull back on fork tilt control lever (4). f.  To move forks further apart, push forward on fork spacing control lever (5). g.  To move forks closer together, pull back on fork spacing control lever (5). 2-18.  REMOVE AND INSTALL CONVEYORIZED FORK ATTACHMENTS. NOTE Conveyorized fork attachments are stowed on mounting brackets on side of forklift truck when not in use. a.  Install Conveyorized Fork Attachments. (1)   Notify Unit Maintenance to assist in removing two conveyorized fork attachments (5) from stowage location on side of forklift truck (2). (2)   Place two conveyorized fork attachments (5) on ground in front of forklift truck (2). (3)   Aline  forks  (1)  with  two  conveyorized  fork  attachments  (5)  and  move  forklift  truck  (2)  forward  until  forks  are fully installed into conveyorized fork attachments. (4)   Raise forks (1) off  ground.    Push  two  conveyorized  fork  attachments  (5)  completely  on  forks  and  insert  two retaining pins (4). (5)   Push four retaining rings (3) over ends of two retaining pins (4) to hold in place. TA704506 2-52

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