Quantcast DRIVING TIPS (Conít).
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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-14.  DRIVING TIPS (Con’t). c.  Avoid sudden starts and stops, especially with a load on forks. d.  Reduce speed when going around corners. e.  Avoid driving on a slope whenever possible. f.  Travel up a slope in forward gear and down a slope in reverse gear.  Keep forks low to ground when traveling up or down slopes. g.  Select lowest range possible when traveling down a slope.  Do not allow engine to overheat. WARNING Never  allow  forks  or  load  to  contact  power  lines.    If  forklift  truck must  be  operated  In  vicinity  of  power  lines,  follow  these  safety precautions.  Failure to follow these procedures may result In death or serious Injury. a.  Contact power company and have all power lines and ground wires turned off. b.  DO NOT allow any portion of equipment close to power lines. c.  Know maximum height and reach of forklift truck and build a suitable barricade around all power sources. d.      Warn   all   personnel   In   work   area   of   power   source   and electrocution hazard. e.  If contact with a power source does occur, DO NOT step off the  forklift  truck.    Stay  on  the  vehicle  until  power  Is  turned off or equipment is lowered and clear of power source. f.    If  fire  or  other  conditions  force  operator  to  leave  the  forklift truck, Jump off and away keeping all parts of body clear of the equipment. h.  Avoid power lines.  When power lines are in work  area,  have  ground  guide  assist.    If  forks,  or  any  other  part  of forklift truck, come in contact with power line stay in cab until contact is cleared.  If you must leave cab during contact with power line, jump as far as possible.  DO NOT climb down from cab. 2-15.  PARK FORKLIFT TRUCK. a.  Select as nearly level a surface as possible. b.  Lower forks to ground. 2-47

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