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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-13.  DRIVE FORKLIFT TRUCK (Con’t). WARNING DO NOT allow passengers to ride In cab or outside cab on forklift truck.  Injury to personnel may result.  Before  moving  forklift  truck,  ensure  that  all  personnel  are  away from  danger  areas  of  forklift  truck.    Specifically,  check  to  ensure that  no  one  is  between  forward  and  rear  sections  of  forklift  truck. Failure   to   follow   this   warning   may   result   In   Injury   or   death   to personnel. d.  Release service brake pedal (3) and press accelerator pedal (2) to start forklift truck in motion. e.    Rotate  steering  wheel  (4)  right  or  left  to  operate  power  steering  valve  and  to  move  forklift  truck  in  right  or  left direction. f.      Accelerate   slowly   to   prevent   slamming   of   power   train   components   and   to   ensure   that   control   of   vehicle   is maintained. g.  To stop forklift truck, release accelerator pedal (2) and apply either service brake pedal (3). 2-14.  DRIVING TIPS. a.  Travel with forks in lowest position that will clear obstacles, approximately 18 inches (46 cm). b.  Adjust travel speed to terrain and road conditions in work area. TA704501 2-46

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