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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-12.  OPERATE TRANSMISSION CONTROLS. a.  Pull out on neutral lock button (2). b.  Apply either service brake pedal (3) and hold. c.  Push down on parking brake pedal (5) and pull up on parking brake release handle (6) to release parking brake. d.  Move direction selector lever (1) to F (Forward) or R (Reverse). NOTE Transmission will stay In range selected until speed range selector lever Is manually moved. e.  Move speed range selector lever (4) to desired speed range for expected terrain or road conditions. NOTE Speed range selector lever can be moved while forklift truck is in motion. There  are  four  forward  and  three  reverse  speeds.    If  speed  range  selector  lever  Is  placed  In  fourth  speed range while traveling In R (Reverse), transmission will remain In third speed range. f.  Move speed range selector lever (4) to higher or lower speed range to adjust for changing operating conditions. TA704499 2-44

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