Quantcast OPERATE DRIVERíS SEAT (Conít).
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TM  10-3930-659-10 2-9.  OPERATE DRIVER’S SEAT (Con’t). e.  Operator’s seat (1) can be moved forward or rearward by lifting on seat release lever (6) and sliding operator’s seat in desired direction.  Ensure that operator’s seat locks in position. f.    Operator’s  seat  (1)  can  be  moved  up  or  down  to  one  of  three  positions  by  lifting  up  on  operator’s  seat.    When operator’s seat is raised past third (top) position, it returns to lowest position; it cannot be lowered incrementally. 2-10.  OPERATE DRIVER’S SEATBELT. a. Adjust driver’s seat (see paragraph 2-9). b. Press seatbelt release button (5) and pull out seatbelt (2) to desired length. c. Push metal end (3) of seatbelt (2) into seatbelt buckle (1). d. To  release  seatbelt  (2),  press  release  button  on  seatbelt buckle  (1)  and  allow  seatbelt  to  be  reeled  onto  seatbelt reel (4). TA704494 2-39

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