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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-9.  OPERATE DRIVER’S SEAT. NOTE Make only those seat adjustments as necessary for comfort. a. Tilt   of   operator’s   seat   (1)   can   be   adjusted   by turning seat tilt adjustment knob (2) clockwise to lower cushion (3) and counterclockwise to raise cushion. NOTE Seat springs can be adjusted to compensate for operator weights ranging from 110-280 lb (50-127 kg). Weight indicator window Is calibrated in kilograms. b.  Weight compensation  of  operator’s  seat  (1)  can  be  adjusted  by  turning  weight  adjustment  knob  (5)  clockwise  to increase  weight  compensation  and  counterclockwise   to   decrease   weight   compensation.      Weight   adjustment   will   be displayed in weight indicator window (4). c. Backrest cushion adjustment. (1) Turn   lumbar   depth   adjustment   knob   (10) counterclockwise to move backrest cushion (11) against  operator’s  back  and  clockwise to     move     backrest     cushion     away     from operator’s back. TA704492 2-37

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