Quantcast OPERATE DOOR AND WINDOW (Conít). - TM-10-3930-659-10_59
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TM 10-3930-659-10 2-8.  OPERATE DOOR AND WINDOW (Con’t). (3) To  latch  window  (6)  open  In  intermediate position, engage latch rod (11) in catch (13) in window frame (12). (4) To latch window (6) fully open, push window until window latches at rear of cab. (5) To release latched window (6), pull forward on window release lever (14) at top right rear of cab. (6) To latch window (6) fully closed, engage first notch (8) on latch handle (7) to latch bracket (9) and place latch rod (11) in stowage position. TA704491 TA704491 2-36

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