Quantcast Table 2-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (Conít). - TM-10-3930-659-10_48
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TM 10-3930-659-10 Table 2-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (Con’t). LOCATION ITEM ITEM TO NOT FULLY MISSION NO. INTERVAL CHECK/ PROCEDURE CAPABLE IF: SERVICE 22 Before Backup With ignition switch in Start po-- Backup alarm inop- Alarm sition, place direction selector erative. lever in R (Reverse).  Backup alarm should sound. 23 Before Brake a.  Check brake accumulators by Accumulators starting the engine, and run- ning engine for one minute at half throttle.  Operate brake pedal four or five times.  Stop engine. b.  Turn ignition switch to BULB CHECK position, then to ON position. c.  Depress brake pedal.  Brake c.  The brake oil low oil low  pressure  indicator pressure  indica- must light between four and tor light does not 12 full brake pedal applica- light. tions. 24 Before Second- a.  Check secondary system by ary parking  vehicle  on  level Steering ground with engine off and System brakes released. b.  Momentarily  turn  ignition b.  The secondary switch to START position, but steering warning DO  NOT start engine.  Re- indicator does lease ignition switch to ON not light or alarm position.  Secondary steering does not sound. warning indicator light should light and audible alarm should sound. 2-25

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