Quantcast Table 2-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (Conít). - TM-10-3930-659-10_46
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TM 10-3930-659-10 Table 2-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (Con’t). LOCATION ITEM ITEM TO NOT FULLY MISSION NO. INTERVAL CHECK/ PROCEDURE CAPABLE IF: SERVICE 16 Before Instru- b.  Place ignition switch on con- (Con’t) ment trol panel in ON position.  Fuel Panel gage must indicate fuel level. (Prestart If fuel gage is inoperative Check) notify Unit Maintenance and fill fuel tank prior to use. c.  Place ignition switch on con- c.  Monitor lights, trol panel in BULB CHECK po- monitor alarm, or sition.  All monitor lights must stop engine light come on.  Stop engine indica- are inoperative. tor light must flash and moni- tor alarm must sound. 17 Before Lights NOTE Vehicle   operation   with   damaged   or   Inoperable headlights may violate AR 385-55. Check for presence and opera- tion of service, turn signal, tail/ brake, work, blackout marker, and blackout drive lights. 18 Before Horn NOTE Operation  of  vehicle  with  Inoperative  horn   may violate AR 385-55. Check operation of horn if tactical situation permits. 19 Before Windshield and Wipers NOTE Operation of vehicles with damaged windshield may violate AR 385-55. a.  Check windshield for damage a.  Windshield has that would impair operator’s damage impar- vision. ing operator’s vision. 2-23

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