Quantcast Table 2-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services.
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TM 10-3930-659-10 Table 2-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. LOCATION ITEM ITEM TO NOT FULLY MISSION NO. INTERVAL CHECK/ PROCEDURE CAPABLE IF: SERVICE WARNING Unless  otherwise  specified,  perform  all  main- tenance procedures with all equipment lowered  to  the  ground,  transmission  locked  in N  (Neutral),  parking  brake  applied,  and  engine stopped.    Failure  to  perform  these  tasks  may result in Injure or death to personnel. CAUTION New  vehicle  break-In  maintenance  Is  required on  the  forklift  truck  at  80-100  hours.    Contact Unit     Maintenance     to     avoid     damaging     the vehicle. NOTE  Always  remember  to  review  all  WARNINGs, CAUTIONs,   and   NOTEs   before   operating the   forklift   truck   and   prior   to   performing PMCS. Perform all PMCS checks If: a.    You  are  the  assigned  driver  but  have  not operated  the  vehicle  since  the  last  Weekly Inspection. b.    You  are  operating  the  vehicle  for  the  first time. EXTER- IOR 1 Before Left Front and Side NOTE If  leakage  is  detected,  further  Investigation  Is needed to determine the location and cause of the leak. a.  Check underneath vehicle for a.  Class III leak of oil evidence of fluid leakage. or coolant.  Class II leak of fuel. 2-14

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