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TM 10-3930-659-10 Section II.  PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES (PMCS) 2-3.  GENERAL. Table 2-1 has been provided so that you can keep your equipment in good operating condition and ready for its primary mission. 2-4.  WARNINGs AND CAUTIONs. Always  observe  the  WARNINGs  and  CAUTIONs  appearing  in  your  PMCS  table.  WARNINGs  and  CAUTIONs appear before applicable procedures.  You must observe these WARNINGs and CAUTIONs to prevent serious injury to yourself and others or to prevent your equipment from being damaged. 2-5.EXPLANATION OF TABLE ENTRIES. a.  Item Number Column.  Numbers in this column are for reference.  When completing DA Form 2404 (Equipment lnspection and Maintenance Worksheet), include the item number for the check/service indicating a fault.  Item numbers also appear in the order that you must perform checks and services for the Interval listed. b.  Interval Column.  This column tells you when you must perform the procedure In the procedure column. (1) Before procedures must be done before you operate or use the equipment for its Intended mission. (2)  During  procedures  must  be  done  during  the  time  you  are  operating  or  using  the  equipment  for  its  intended mission. (3) After procedures must be done immediately after you have operated or used the equipment. (4) Weekly procedures must be done once each week. (5) Monthly procedures must be done once each month. c.    Location,  Check/Service  Column.    This  column  provides  the  location  and  the  item  to  be  checked  or  serviced. The item location is underlined. d.  Procedure Column.  This column gives the procedure you must perform to check or service the item listed in the Check/Service column to know If the equipment is ready or available for its intended mission or for operation.  You must perform the procedure at the time stated in the Interval column. 2-11

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