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TM 10-3930-659-10 1-15.  ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (Con’t). b.  Lighting System.  The lighting system is protected by a circuit breaker and contains two front service lights, an adjustable  cab  mounted  worklight,  two  rear  cab  mounted  worklights,  front  and  rear  turn  signals,  combination  tail/brake lights, a cab domelight, front and rear blackout lights, and instrument panel lights. c.    Monitoring  System.    The  monitoring  system  includes  a  variety  of  electrical  senders,  associated  gages,  and indicators located in the cab.  This allows the operator to be aware of the status of the forklift truck during operation.  For a description of the function of each monitor within the system, see Chapter 2, Section I. d.  Window Wipers and Washers.  Separate wipers, washers, and controls are provided for the front and rear cab windows. 1-16.  ON-BOARD CRANE. The  900  lb  (409  kg)  capacity  crane  is  used  to  remove  and  install  the  conveyorized  forks,  cab  upper  section,  and counterweight.  It is hand-operated and can be raised or lowered to three different operating positions with quick-release pins. 1-17.  FORKLIFT WINTERIZATION PACKAGE. a.  The forklift truck Is equipped with a winterization package that protects the truck down to -650F (-54°C). b.    The  winterization  package  consists  of  a  coolant  heater,  engine  oil  heater,  and  battery  heaters.    Heaters  are operated  by  an  exterior  11  O-volt  AC  power  source  and  are  equipped  with  a  thermostat  for  overheat  protection.    An extension cord has been provided to connect the forklift truck to the power source. c.  The coolant heater is located in the engine cylinder head just behind the hydraulic reservoir. d.  The engine oil heater is located in the engine oil pan. e.  Each battery  has  a  blanket-type  heater  wrapped  around  the  battery  case  and  a  tray  heater  underneath  it.    The battery tray heaters are mounted on wooden insulators. 1-12

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