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TM 10-3930-659-10 B-3.  EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS (Con’t). d.  Column (4)-Unit of Measure (U/M).  Indicates the measure used In performing the actual operation/maintenance function.  This measure is expressed by a two-character alphabetical abbreviation (e.g., ea, in, pr). e.    Column  (5)  -  Quantity  Required  (Qty/Rqr).    Indicates  the  quantity  of  the  Item  authorized  to  be  used  with  the equipment. Section II.  COMPONENTS OF END ITEM (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) NATIONAL ILLUS STOCK DESCRIPTION, Usable QTY NUMBER NUMBER CAGEC and Part Number On Code U/M Reqd 1 Capscrew’ (75160) 08H4490 ea 2 2 Clamp (75160) T132616 ea 2 3 Conveyorlzed Fork Attachments ea 2 (75160) AT 140760 TA704533 B-2

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