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TM 10-3930-659-10 3-13.  REFUELING PROCEDURES. WARNING Diesel fuel Is combustible.  DO NOT smoke or allow open flame near fuel   tank.      Failure   to   follow   this   warning   will   result   In   death   or serious  Injury  to  personnel.    If  you  are  burned,  Immediately  seek medical aid. a.  Park forklift truck on level ground (see paragraph 2-15) and shut down engine (see paragraph 2-16). b.  Open radiator grille door (1) and rotate locking tab (3) down to hold radiator grille door open. c.  Open fuel tank fill tube cap (2). NOTE DO NOT overfill fuel tank.  Fuel tank should be filled only to bottom of fill tube. d.  Fill fuel tank as necessary. e.  Close fuel tank fill tube cap (2). f.  Rotate locking tab (3) up to stowage position and close radiator grille door (1). 3-21/(3-22 Blank)

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