Quantcast Fill Radiator and Coolant Recovery Tank.
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TM 10-3930-659-10 3-8.CHECK AND FILL COOLANT LEVEL (Con’t). b.  Fill Radiator and Coolant Recovery Tank. WARNING DO  NOT  remove  radiator  fill  cap  unless  engine  Is  cold.    This  is  a pressurized   cooling   system   and   escaping   steam,   hot   water,   or coolant will cause serious bums. NOTE Coolant mixture must be obtained from Unit Maintenance. (1) Remove radiator fill cap (3) and fill radiator with coolant solution to bottom of fill neck (see LO 10-3930-659- 12).  Install radiator fill cap. (2)  Remove  tank  cap  (2).    Fill  coolant  recovery tank (1) to COLD line with coolant solution(see   LO   10-3930-659-12).      Install tank cap. 3-15

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