Quantcast Check Coolant Level.
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TM 10-3930-659-10 3-8.  CHECK AND FILL COOLANT LEVEL. a.  Check Coolant Level. NOTE If  conveyorlzed  fork  attachments  are  Installed  on  side  of  forklift truck, make visual check of coolant level from access hole In top of engine hood. (1)   Visually     check     coolant     level     in     coolant recovery   tank   (1).      Coolant   level   must   be between HOT and COLD lines. WARNING DO  NOT  remove  radiator  fill  cap  unless  engine  Is  cold.    This  is  a pressurized   cooling   system   and   escaping   steam,   hot   water,   or coolant will cause serious burns. NOTE Only   check   coolant   level   In   radiator   if   coolant   recovery   tank   Is empty. (2) Remove radiator fill cap (3).  Coolant level must be at bottom of filler neck. 3-14

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