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TM 10-3930-659-10 Section III.  MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES 3-6.  CHECK AND FILL ENGINE OIL. a.  Check Engine Oil Level. NOTE If forklift truck has been running, park on level ground and walt 10 minutes for oil to drain into oil pan.  Oil must be between ADD and FULL marks on engine oil level gage. (1) Remove engine oil level gage (1), wipe clean with rag (Item 7, Appendix D), and install into engine oil level gage tube (3). (2)  Remove  engine  oil  level  gage  (1).    Oil  level must  be  at  FULL  mark.    Install  engine  oil level gage into engine oil level gage tube (3). b.  Add Engine Oil. (1) Remove engine oil fill cap (2).  Add engine oil as necessary and install engine oil fill cap (see LO 10-3930-659- 12). (2) Check engine oil level. 3-11

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