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TM 10-3930-659-10 Table 3-1.  Troubleshooting (Con’t). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION Step 4.  Check transmission oil level. If transmission oil level is low, fill to correct level (see LO 1- 3930-659-12).  If transmission oil level is correct, notify Unit Maintenance. BRAKE SYSTEM 12.  SERVICE BRAKES CHATTERING OR NOT WORKING. Step 1.  Check hydraulic system oil level. If hydraulic oil level Is low, fill to correct level (see LO 10-3930- 659-12).  If hydraulic oil level is correct, notify Unit Maintenance. Step 2.Check for foamy oil in hydraulic oil level sight gage. If oil is foamy, notify Unit Maintenance. STEERING SYSTEM 13.  FORKLIFT TRUCK WILL NOT STEER LEFT OR RIGHT. Check whether steering locking bar is Installed. Remove steering locking bar (see paragraph 2-25). 14.  STEERING SLOW OR HARD. Step 1.  Check hydraulic system for cold oil. Slowly  turn  steering  wheel  in  either  direction  until  steer  limit  is  reached.    Hold  steering  wheel  in position for a short time.  Turn steering wheel in other direction until steer limit is met.  Repeat cycling a number times to warm hydraulic oil. 3-8

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