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TM 10-3930-659-10 Table 3-1.  Troubleshooting (Con’t). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION 9.  ENGINE FAILS TO START IN COLD WEATHER. Step 1.  Check whether starting aid was used during starting procedures. Use starting aid (see paragraph 2-29). Step 2.  Check starting aid container contents. If empty, notify Unit Maintenance. TRANSMISSION 10.  FORKLIFT TRUCK WILL NOT MOVE IN EITHER DIRECTION. Step 1.  Check whether parking brake Is applied. Release parking brake. Step 2.  Check transmission oil level. If transmission oil level is low, fill to correct level (see LO 10- 3930-659-12).  If transmission oil level Is correct, notify Unit Maintenance. Step 3.  Check whether service brakes are locked. If service brakes are locked, notify Unit Maintenance. 11.  TRANSMISSION OIL TEMPERATURE HIGH (RED ZONE). Step 1.  Check for operation of forklift truck in too high a speed range. Shift to lower speed range. Step 2.  Check for operation of forklift truck with load over 10, 000 lb (4540 kg). Reduce load. Step 3.Check outside of oil cooler for obstructions. Remove anything that blocks or impedes air flow. 3-7

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