Quantcast Explanation of Columns (Section IV) (Conít).
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TM  10-3930-657-24P 4. Explanation of Columns (Section IV) (Con’t). c.  FIGURE  AND  ITEM  NUMBER  INDEX. (1)  FIG.  column.  This  column  lists  the  number  of  the  figure  where  the  item  is  identified/located  in Sections II and Ill. (2) ITEM column. The item number is that number assigned to the item as it appears in the figure referenced in the adjacent figure number column. (3) STOCK NUMBER column. This column lists the NSN for the item. (4)   CAGEC   column.   The   Commercial   and   Government   Entity   (CAGE)   Code   (C)   is   a   5-digit alphanumeric code used to identify the manufacturer, distributor, or Government agency, etc., that supplies the item. (5) PART NUMBER column. Indicates the primary number used by the manufacturer (individual, firm, corporation, or Government activity), which controls the design and characteristics of the item by means of its engineering  drawings,  specifications  standards  and  inspection  requirements  to  identify  an  item  or  range  of  items. 5. Special  Information. a. USABLE ON CODE. The usable on code appears in the lower left corner of the Description column heading. Not Applicable. b. FABRICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Bulk materials required to manufacture items are listed in the Bulk Material Functional Group of this RPSTL. Part numbers for bulk materials are also referenced in the Description column of the line item entry for the item to be manufactured/fabricated. Detailed fabrication instructions for items source coded to be manufactured or fabricated are found in TM  10-3930-657-14&P. c. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS. Detailed assembly instructions for items source coded to be assembled from component spare/repair parts are found in  TM  10-3930-657-14&P.  Items that makeup the assembly are listed immediately following the assembly item entry or reference is made to an applicable figure. d. KITS. Line item entries for repair parts kits appear in group 9401 in Section Il. e. INDEX NUMBERS. Items which have the word BULK in the FIG. column will have an index number shown in the item column. This index number is a cross-reference between the National Stock Number/Part Number Index and the bulk materiel list in Section Il. f.  ASSOCIATED  PUBLICATIONS.  The  publications  listed  below  pertain  to  the  Fork  Lift  Truck,  Model MHE 265 and its components: Publication Short Title TM 10-3930-657-14&P Operator’s, Organizational, Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual DMWR   10-3930-657 Depot  Maintenance  Work  Requirements 6. How To Locate Repair Parts. a. When National Stock Number or Part Number is Not Known: (1) First. Using the Table of Contents, determine the assembly group or subassembly group to which the item belongs. This is necessary since figures are prepared for assembly groups and subassembly groups, and listings are divided into the same groups. (2) Second. Find the figure covering the assembly group or subassembly group to which the item belongs. Change  1 6

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